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WORD Young Adults

Experience the presence of God with other Young Adults


Update: 05-27-20

WORD young adult group is on a hiatus until further notice

Is an opportunity at Valley Life for ages 18 and up. Come be a part of a group of believers who enjoy relationship with God and each other, the person of Christ being at the center of it all.


Word meets every Thursday at 6 p.m.

Your first visit

Here's what to expect when visiting WORD for the first time:

First, we are located on the Valley Life campus, at the Bathke's Residence on the Northwest corner of the property.

Expect to come into our home and feel like family, we do life together. We start the night off having dinner together and visiting with one another. Then rally together to focus our attention on the most honored guest, Jesus. We worship and learn how to interact with God, and how through the living Word we are built up, encouraged, healed, and delivered.

4 Pillars: Our Foundation

  1. Honor - We believe Jesus is the most honored person in the room, even above feelings and circumstances. He is worthy of all our attention. We believe in honoring His sacrifice and what He paid for. We do this by actively standing on His Word. We also honor Jesus by honoring the believer sitting next to us.

2. Presence over community - We believe in a community based in, on, and around presence of God.

We treat His presence as priority. We also take Him at His word when He says "He inhabits the

praises of His people." Where Jesus is lifted up, He draws all men to Himself. Worship as a group is a

big deal here. It’s not just music, but Heaven invading Earth.

3. Gifts - We believe in the Gifts of the Spirit. We do not worship the gifts however, but the Gift Giver

Himself. We recognize His desire to interact with man, and to encourage His kids. He wants to make

Himself known experientially, as He is the best father and perfect Love.

4. Unity - We believe Godly unity is not just a group of people occupying the same room. Godly unity

is doing life together, being together in the spirit, and becoming of one heart and mind in Christ.

"Expect to come in to our home as family"

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